Imagine your dream, we create it!

Today, the most special waterfall can be the decoration of our yard or garden. While the lakes exude serenity, the river water brings life to the garden. The waterfalls can also be decorated with a set of light, which is very spectacular, especially in the evening. Waterfalls can be formed in a staggered form or even a mountain stream can be copied. In a stepped form, each step is designed so that water flows with appropriate drop toward the lower forms. This type is also used in the Middle Eastern inner gardens in a larger form to cool the air.

Not only does water affect us through its sight, but the accompanying sound effect also has a calming effect on the nervous system. If one longs for tranquility, his garden must not lack some form of water. Its physiological effect is to increase humidity, thereby cooling its immediate surroundings. That is why water streams and fountains were made in the Arab and Moorish gardens, as they were able to make the great heat more bearable in this way. Of course, the primary function is decoration, which is different for flowing and different for stagnant waters. In the case of stagnant waters, the glitter and reflection of the motionless water surface play a role. Vibrant glitter and sound effects attract attention in flowing waters.

The sight of the garden pond is mainly the water, but the rock garden can also be another outstanding sight of the garden.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful artesian well in our yard… without which would have no charm. You are a very talented man and at the same time very serious. I’m glad I got to meet you. I continue to wish you more success in what you do and to have the opportunity to make the hearts of many customers happy, as you have done for me.